Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ratatouille: The First Try

I tried this ratatouille recipe last night, and I think it turned out pretty good except all of my herb flavor was completely lost. I had limited time so instead of cooking on low for 7 hours, I cooked on high for about 5 and a half. Instead of adding all of the herbs at the beginning, I should have added them about an hour before it was finished cooking, when I took off the lid to stir it all together. I also used fresh basil instead of dried basil, forgetting that it's supposedly better to use dried herbs in the crock pot because they can survive the long and low cooking better than fresh herbs. Next time I'll throw in dried basil and oregano at the beginning and fresh basil an hour before serving. I also put some red wine in with the tomato paste, which I think was a good idea, and added a little bit of honey right before serving to counter the tart of the tomatoes and tomato paste. I think I might also sautee the onions and garlic a bit before putting them in the next time I make this. And yes, I will make it again. This recipe has potential.

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